Nargis – UK Tour

In 2012 Nargis toured the UK with a case of packed with some of the biggest artists of the theathre industry from Pakistan. The show was put together by international promoter Zubair Alam and when he was working to bring the tour to the UK, he reached out to us at VB Media and he partnered with us to bring the tour to the UK.

We enabled Mr Alam to take Nargis’ stage show to over 20 different towns and cities which led to packed show after packed show for the stage actress.

Commenting on the tour, Nargis said:

“This has been one of the best tours I have had abroad. The way in which VB Media have executed the UK tour is second to none and it’s been a pleasure working with the company on this tour.”

The 2012 tour was Nargis’ last stage show tour and soon after returning to Pakistan she announced her decision to retire from the showbiz industry.